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Port of Vancouver

  • Ryan Prasad posted an article
    Port of Vancouver: Powering global trade. Proud sponsor of our 2023 conference. see more

    The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority stands as the guardian of Canada's largest port, the Port of Vancouver, responsible for its lands and waters. This vital gateway fuels the nation's connectivity to global markets, bridging Canadian businesses and consumers to an array of products while bolstering local economies.

    Spanning an expanse equal to the combined size of the next five largest Canadian ports, the Port of Vancouver boasts 29 major terminals adept at handling an unparalleled diversity of cargo types in North America, including bulk, containers, breakbulk, liquid bulk, automobiles, and cruise ships. As Canada's gateway to 170+ trading economies worldwide, it facilitates a staggering $305 billion in goods trade, supporting 115,300 jobs, contributing $7 billion in wages, and adding $11.9 billion to the country's GDP.

    The 2023 conference, themed "Winning Together – Bet On It," unfolds on November 21st-22nd at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Vancouver Delta, offering a captivating venue intertwined with Cascades Casino Delta's allure. Expect an unforgettable experience, whether enjoying the suspenseful roulette, strategic blackjack, or the thrill of hitting the jackpot, tailored for gaming enthusiasts.

    Attendees gain insights from cutting-edge research, industry trends, and business best practices shared by our esteemed panel of speakers. Concrete takeaways aim to foster growth across all sectors of recreational marine businesses province-wide.

    This premier event fosters invaluable networking opportunities, fostering a sense of camaraderie through shared workshops and receptions. More than a gathering, it's a chance to reconnect and forge ahead. Delegates consistently hail it as an exceptional experience, strengthening our industry year after year.

    The generous sponsorship of the Port of Vancouver underscores their commitment to empowering trade, fostering community prosperity, and advancing the shared goals of the marine industry. Join us for an event that unites, enlightens, and propels us forward.

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     November 17, 2023