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The song of the paddle echoes throughout British Columbia; it’s a call for adventurers to explore our many waterways by canoe, kayak or stand up paddle board. This scenic and diverse region holds endless opportunities for anyone who hears that call, and seeks to propelled themselves through the quiet, calm while exploring this endless wilderness.

Paddling is great for all ages and abilities, and is easy to get out and try; find a local rental shop and take a lesson. You don’t ever have to buy a canoe or kayak, rentals are prevalent across the province – including many marinas. For more traditional boaters, you may want to strap a small kayak on deck or stow away an inflatable paddle board so you can explore the intricacies of the next bay where you drop anchor.

Regardless of where you paddle - lakes, rivers or coast - remember that safety always comes first. While you don’t require a Pleasure Craft Operators Card, you do want to make sure you are with experienced paddlers if you’re going any distance, that you are proficient at performing a self-rescue and you have the minimum safety equipment required by Transport Canada.

If you are being called to BC’s beautiful Coast and the Gulf Islands, download and read Transport Canada’s Sea Kayaking Safety Guide to ensure you are well-prepared. To plan a longer trip, we encourage you to start your planning with BC Marine Trails - an excellent resource for planning a kayak trip along the coast.


For additional information, visit Paddle Canada or National Paddling Week.



If you still have questions, let us know, we’ll get the answer for you.

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