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They say sailing is a lifestyle that harnesses the power of Mother Nature and feeds the explorer inside of us. Being a sailor brings many unanticipated things, like a greater understanding of how weather works, and how to read it. It connects us to the mechanics and traditions of one of mankind’s oldest and most essential modes of transportation. It teaches us how to navigate by the stars, and how to appreciate everything in the natural world that lives under them. Sailing will teach you lessons that you can’t learn any other way, and reveal as much about what is inside you as it does the natural world you see along the way. This is the magic of sailing, and there’s no better place in the world to experience it than right here in British Columbia.

You are never too young to start sailing – youth programs are offered through  most  local clubs and BC Sailing. Regardless of your age, once you learn the basics you can rent or charter a boat to put your skills to the test. Sailing offers a variety of opportunities to participate in recreational and competitive racing events – local and offshore. And if you’re not comfortable at the helm, you’ll be welcome as a member of the crew because most sailing events are a team sport and it takes everyone to reach the final destination!

If you’re already a seasoned sailor, then follow our blog, The Wave, for stories about fellow sailors, new destinations, safety information, DIY tips, boating cuisine and more. If you have a story to share, let us know – we’d love to hear it!




If you still have questions, let us know, we’ll get the answer for you.

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